The Streets Sascha Bunge

The Lovers & Drifters Club interviewed Sascha Bunge and also had the honor to capture her beautiful angelic face. An extremely positive, energetic girl with big dreams; to travel as much as she can. Meet Sascha:


Name: Sascha Bunge

Profession: Hostess/model at Showpony Productions, store specialist at Soap Treatment Store. And I am still in University.

My life is.. pretty cool, I travel the world, found a hot Swedish guy with a beard and a bun and I’m still healthy.

Currently listening to: First Aid Kit, Gregory Alan Isakov, James Bay and my all time fave: The Breach-Dustin Tebutt

Love the smell of.. the beach, incense, white toast, the fresh mountain air, fresh sheets.

What’s the first thing about a man that catches your attention? his whole appearance.

What interests you? I think people are so interesting. I would love to learn more about all these beautiful cultures. Oh, and food interest me…I like to eat.

What was your ultimate happiness 10 years ago and today? Hiking with my mom, dad and twin sister in the mountains of Switzerland. Being able to travel since I was young is a true blessing. Today my ultimate happiness is that I’m healthy and that I know that I’ll travel the world. I just know.

I always bring my.. earphones, they’re glued to my ears. I need music.

Favorite hangout: De Laatste Kruimel (to eat carrot cake), anywhere with friends and at my moms’s cute little house in Naarden-Vesting. You should look that place up, you’ll fall in love with it too.

Guilty pleasure: 86% Lindt Chocolate. But come on, chocolate is healthy! And I like to clean…it’s so satisfying.

5 things I can’t live without: My closest friends, family, my boyfriend, to be able to shower and my dream to travel.


Photography: Roos van Rij @ The Lovers & Drifters Club.

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