Name : Laura van Ree.

Profession : Life addict.

Describe your style : Combine a Gauguin with a Monet, and you’ll find it.

I get inspired by : Meeting people, their culture and their habits – especially when travelling.

Love the smell of : Freshly cut grass, burned wood and the ‘opium’ odor my mother used to wear. Wherever I am, this smell will always be the same everywhere; it gives me a feeling of home that nothing else can, really.

I always bring my.. Freckles.

Favourite hangout : My rooftop terrace, even in winter..

All time fave thing to do : Road tripping, ending up somewhere at a lake and reading a book there, alone in silence. A complementery skinny dipping session is very much welcomed! Oh and creating my own secret fantasy worlds: I love to get lost in my imagination.

I would love to share a tent with.. God. I would like to ask him a thing or two 😉

5 things I can’t live without:
– Dreaming
– Road tripping
– Inspiring conversations
– Men..
– ..Women

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