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Recently The Lovers and Drifters Club collaborated with talented photographer Gutterdust (Andy Wauman). Our shoot ‘Rush hour’ was published in the awesome C-Heads Magazine. Besides the fact that we were already in love with his work, we wanted to know more about this true drifter. Check out the interview along with Andy’s 5 personal favorite photos here:



Who are you and what do you do in your daily life?
I’m ‘just cruisin’ through life, expressing myself in different ways through different kinds of media. It’s adventurous and fun!!
You are an allround artist, tell us a little bit more about your work?
I started writing poetry from an early age. At some point I stumbled into Contemporary Art, made a few paintings, some sculptures and installations. Lately I’ve been doing lot’s of photography and I feel like I’m heading towards Film. I’m working on my first feature. It’s a graphic novel in motion 35 min. I wrote a novel in 2006 and we are transforming this novel into a film. A film noir documentary about urban culture. So exciting.
Why do you call yourself Gutterdust?
Gutterdust is a combination of the ‘Gutter’, which stands for urban culture, and ‘Dust’ refers to Diamond dust, so it comes down to the Dust from the Gutter. My love for the street / urban culture.
When did you start being interested in photography?
I’ve been doing photography for a while, but since I started surfing and travelling more I started taking pictures on a daily base. Gutterdust is the result of this.
Your favorite camera and why? 
My favourite camera is the Nikonos-V, but I do love all sort of old cameras. It’s soo much fun!!
Why do you often use analog/film? 
That’s where the magic happens. It has an amazing grain and it’s so dreamy. I always try to catch a vibe/feeling in my photography. It’s playful and so much fun.
What inspires you ?
Surfing changed my life in the best way ever, so I decided to build my life around it and because of that I get to spend lot’s of time at the beach and in the water. It all just happened naturally.
Can a man love two women at the same time?
Can a woman love two men at the same time?
What’s your perception about real love?
I liked to quote Oscar Wilde on this: ‘Love is not fashionable anymore. The poets have killed it.’
Are you a lover or a drifter? 
I’ll embrace both and live life at the fullest.
What made you happy 10 years ago and what makes you happy today?
10 years ago I saved horses in the wild in the Dominican Republic. Today I surf waves all around the world.
Which place inspires you the most?
Venice Beach California is where my heart belongs. I really wanna give that place a chance. I started working with an agent in California. We are working on a VISA, so I can move out there. Step by step. Can’t wait.
Name 5 things you can’t live without : 
Food. People. Waves. Art. Music. Poetry.

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