his is what happens when The Lovers & Drifters Club collided with Gutterdust. One sexy ride, two smoking hot girls and four cameras. Rush hour….

We are always up for a wild ride and so we are happy to share this wild spirited C-Heads Exclusive shot in Antwerp, Belgium starring the two hotties Naomi Lievens and Milou Ouwehand. Photographed by Gutterdust with styling by and art direction by Merinda Kate Jackson of The Lovers & Drifters Club and assistance by Sanne Voorn. And if you are wondering about that car, it´s a custom build lightweight hotrod Porsche 911 3.2 T/R 1970 owned by Bart Kuykens. Clothing by The Lovers & Drifters Club and swimwear by Fella Swim.






Photography & Art Direction: Gutterdust  @gutterdust – 
Styling & Art Direction: Merinda Kate Jackson/The Lovers & Drifters Club  @theloversanddriftersclub 
Assistant: Sanne Voorn @sanners 
Models: Naomi Lievens/Milou Ouwehand @lievna @milou_o 
Car: Custom build lightweight hotrod Porsche 911 3.2 T/R 1970 @bartkuykens 
Location: Antwerp, Belgium 
Clothing: The Lovers & Drifters Club @theloversanddriftersclub
Swimwear: Fella Swim  @fellaswim

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