The Story Of Yvonne & Joseph

Her messy hair, her smiling eyes, her spontaneous laugh, her fragile heart, her cheeks …when she blushes, her touch… when she strikes through his hair. Her curves. Her lips like roses on his skin. Easy letting her in. 

His crooked voice, his tender look, his fingers… tickling strings when he plays her. Strings attached. A song stuck in her head. His hands when they caress. His arms wrapped around her. Wrapped in love.

Them, Together. Like sun and moon united in their differences. Following their wind. Rock ’n rolling under the same stars. Lost in the same direction. 

Downtown strolling. Aimlessly wandering. Vintage musing their future.

Their naked souls making love…Love in the making. Together in bed. Everything ahead. Blessed.

Undress. Caress. Careless. Love met them in their mess. 

Each other’s mirror destroying every barrier. Discovering. Loving.  

Thoughts collide. Unite. Slide… into each other. Sleepless embrace. Breathing each other’s breath. Shiver.

Fingerprints written on their skin. Eternalized.

Close… Come closer… Closest will never be close enough…. Close… Come closer…

Pure passion. Compassion

More…Give them more…Most will never be enough…More…Give them more… 

Drunk on laughing. Loving. Living. 


Leaving… Sudden.

Break up to make up?

Time will tell. A spell. 

Memories too strong. Where did they go wrong? 

Why bother their distance. With only one glance… they belong.

Promises. Compromises.

Meet me there… In the middle… Under the bridge. 

Their divorce would be their force.  And their universe would dance. And their rain would dissappear again.

Home in their eyes. Their sun on the rise.

Sometimes we have to roam… free… just to see… There really is no place like home. 

Just to see… Everything that’s meant to be, will find its way. Their way. One day. 

Now they know

They have to go further to come closer 

Now they know

They need less to become more....

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Models Yvonne Logan:

Joseph Tenore:

Photography by Roos van Rij:

Text by Babette Debouver:

All designs by The Lovers & Drifters Club ( Merinda Kate Jackson)

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