The story of Milena Garbo

Monday, August 07 2017 By: Roos van Rij

Him to her:

"My wild girl, we have had to regain time and march backward, in the distance of our lives, kiss after kiss, gathering from one place what gave without joy, discovering in another..the secret road.. that gradually brought your feet close to mine, and so beneath my see again the unfulfilled plant of your life putting out its roots...toward my heart that was waiting for you..And one by one the nights between our separated cities..are joined to the night that unites us.

The light of each day, its flame or its repose, they deliver to us, taking them from time, and so our treasure is disinterred in shadow or light, and so kisses kiss life: all love is enclosed in our love: all thirst ends in our embrace. Here we are at last face to face, we have met, we have lost nothing. We have felt each other lip to lip, we have changed a thousand times.. but here we are back together. 

Milena is wearing our 'Seduce & Destory collection' SS/2016/17 available here:

Model: Milena Garbo
Photography : Roos Van Rij roosvanrij/
Styling by Merinda Kate Jackson: merindakatejackson/ for The Lovers & Drifters Club: theloversanddriftersclub/