The Story Of Lauren Hasting

'Every day Lauren eagerly waited for a moment – this beautiful moment when the scarlet sun slid down the velvet sky and kissed the earth goodnight. Yes, every day Lauren gazed at LA sunsets and gained strength… 

One afternoon, she found herself under a canopy of pastel trees and palms. Leaves swayed like little feet that frolicked below the branches and suddenly his voice echoed…  

“My pretty girl, my sweet one. It is time, I suppose. But before I leave, I want you to always remember that you are as powerful as the sun. You burn anyone that tries to come close but you do everything to remain bright and warm for the ones you love. Don’t be afraid, while I’m gone. You are strong and that is why I love you…” 

And he wanted to love her for the rest of his days. But he couldn’t – because the time wasn’t right. For her. For him. For them. 

Yes, every day Lauren longed for the moment the sun fell – because it taught her that endings can, in fact, be beautiful…'

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Model: Lauren Hasting

Photography: Roos van Rij

Text by Evangelina Fysa:

All designs by The Lovers & Drifters Club


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