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Interview with Brydie Mack

For the people that don't know this talented photographer, creative director, stylist and actress...let us introduce you to Brydie Mack (Wolfcub). Brydie is a camera hoarder, currently owning 11 of them, but her star children are the Mamiya RZ67, Nikon F4 & Pentax Spotmatic. Her key to success: Never compromise your aesthetic for someone else's convenience, be fair, but be a tough bitch.  Below her amazing shoot starring Alexandra Spencer (4thandbleeker)...

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The Streets Isaya Elais

Meet Isaya Elais: This pretty lady doesn't like to stay in one place too long. She's a total drifter, never shying away from a bit of adventure... She hopes to one day give surf lessons with her boyfriend somewhere on a tropical island... She loves spending time with her little brother, traveling, funky music and being creative. But it's her heart of gold that makes her special...

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The Streets Isabella Machine

Meet Isabella Machinè: This young businesswoman has lots of ambition... also a girl that wants to have fun. Her work will always be something she does with love and joy, but after three years of creating the jewelry brand IVY & LIV, she is now leaving that behind.... to get a degree in Interior Design & Styling.

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The Streets Lois & Tom

Meet Lois & Tom; a super cute young couple full of humor and looks to match. They met on a casting for O'Neill and fell in love. Lois is currently living in the Elite Model Home to prepare her for full-time modeling in a big international city. While Tom is studying and modeling for Max Models. Their awkwardness makes them unique while the sparks are flying off the screen. Hold on...

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