Story — Amsterdam

Sascha Bunge. Part 2

'The Lovers & Drifters Club brings back Club Member Sascha Bunge...I think it's strangely beautiful, the way she looks at things. Like everything's made with magic. And because of that she became magic.'

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The Streets Isaya Elais

Meet Isaya Elais: This pretty lady doesn't like to stay in one place too long. She's a total drifter, never shying away from a bit of adventure... She hopes to one day give surf lessons with her boyfriend somewhere on a tropical island... She loves spending time with her little brother, traveling, funky music and being creative. But it's her heart of gold that makes her special...

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Olivia Lonsdale

  From the moment we got introduced to Olivia we were in love. A beauty of a girl, young, playful and a real drifter.  We were curious about her and we therefore invited her last Sunday at the botanical garden.  Olivia Lonsdale working our Full Moon Shag Jacket in perfect style.. More from this incredible new face on the blog. 

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the story of Milou

An extraordinary girl, straight from the heart. She mostly lives in a big fantasy world , but who doesn't dare to dream is just sleeping. Meet textile artist Milou Wansink , still a student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, but soon this nature loving young woman will conquer the world.. read, watch and learn, but especially get inspired. 

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