Soesja Leugs for The Lovers & Drifters Club

“She’s not the type of girl to wait by the phone, she won’t cry, she knows it’ll get her nowhere, she’ll laugh a lot and often, and she will live her own life. She would like you to be a part of it, but she will do just fine without you...

You know who’s gonna give you everything? Yourself."

Soesja Leugs for The Lovers & Drifters Club.

Soesja is wearing our Golden Shag Jacket. Available here:

Soesja is wearing our Grey Leopard Flare Pants, available here:

Soesja is wearing our Black Shag Jacket, available here:

Soesja is wearing our Wonderland Shag Jacket, Rebel Rebel T-shirt & our Sex- T-Shirt and Burgendy Velvet Underground Vest:

Soesja is wearing our Burgendy Shag Jacket:

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Model Soesja Leugs:

Photography by Roos van Rij:

Make- up by Sabine Barendrecht:

Our instagram :

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  • Hallo, aren’t the golden and black shag jacket available at the moment? Cannot find them at your shop.. Best regards, Charlotte

    Charlotte on
  • Hi Lovers and Drifters!
    My name is Maggie Wurtz and I am a student studying Textile Communications! I was wondering if you had any internships available for Summer 2016? If so, I would love to have a contact to send my resume and cover letter to. I have been in love with your products for a long time, so the opportunity to learn from your team would be amazing! Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!
    Maggie Wurtz

    Maggie Wurtz on

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