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Eddie Mitsou for The Lovers & Drifters Club

'Eddie Mitsou for The Lovers & Drifters Club'

We are so delighted that we met this special Swedish girl during our road trip through Los Angeles. There is something special about Eddie and it's not only her beautiful look...

“She was an enigma. Blond, crystal blue eyes paired with painfully plump lips usually turned up slightly in a slightly amused smirk. Honey blond hair tumbled down her shoulders in sinfully perfect waves, framing her angular face.

Young, gorgeous and stress-free; what a time to be alive.

Her beauty sent many reeling, some in envy while others in admiration. Slightly imperfect pearly whites added to her natural charm, the crooked grin she flashed could force anyone to their knees.

After all, the brighter the smile, the blinder they are to what’s hidden behind it.... We adore her”


My name is Eddie Mitsou Pettersson and I strongly believe in a healthy (and wealthy!!) lifestyle. I’ve been interested in food and how food influence your body and soul since my early teens. I was 100 % raw one month in January 2012 but I discovered that it wasn’t enough for me in the long run. I got really inspired though and some of the raw dishes is still on my All Time Favorite Meal-list!

2012 became a journey to find out what I wanted to do in life and how I wanted to live it. In the middle of December I finally found what was working best for me – a completely clean lifestyle!

So, here I am today – Three years later – never ever before feeling better in my body and… yeah, as a cliché as it sounds – soul."

Some of you have been following me on Instagram under  To you who just found me I want to say: everything I post on this site and the blog, I do to inspire and show that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be boring, expensive and hard.

I’m currently based in LA but I go back and forth between New York and my hometown Stockholm, working as a model. But most likely you’ll find me in a kitchen (un)baking raw cookies.


Name: Eddie Mitsou Pettersson.

Profession: Model and health food entrepreneur.

My life is: beautiful but sometimes very twisted.. In the good way! Like a crazy roller-coaster...

Currently.. listening to : Nancy Sinatra. Always and forever. 

Love the smell of... : rosemary roasted carrots.

What’s the first thing about a man that catches your attention? If he has an interesting history in his eyes. A clear and open sight tells you everything. I feel immediately if someone is smart and ambitious - and that's what is interesting to me!

What interests you? Weird Chinese medicine philosophies. I can sit for hours reading about healing herbs and the golden rules of meditation while eating etc.... I'm such a nerd when it comes to nutrition and health. It's the most interesting thing I know. 

What was your ultimate happiness 10 years ago and today? To live the life I live today. Luckily most of 11 year old Eddie's dreams came true... Ultimate happiness for me today is to reach the point in my life where I feel confident to say that I live life the way I want to enjoy it. Ultimate happiness is such a big word though, I do believe that life isn't always joyful and easy. Life has it's dark moments, and through that you find happiness and can truly appreciate it. 

What is your future-dream? To open a wellness center, write books and inspire people to a healthier life choices. The last point I hope I'm already doing ;-)

I always bring my: pink water bottle! I drink more water than anyone I know!

Favorite hangouts :

Erewhon - the one place that health food geeks like me die for. This is the place where you find over 50 different vegan ice cream pints, the best raw broccoli salad in the world and also the hottest guys!

The Nice Guy - great dinner and drink spot in West Hollywood. Thursdays is usually a lot of fun!

Chateau Marmont - classic but always a good hangout. Get a (non)alcoholic beverage and enjoy the beautiful outside seating.

Juice Served Here - my favourite spot for a cooling drink. Their Scoby (sparkling probiotic drink - pictured!) with a splash of ginger is a given favourite. Also - their Charcoal Coconut Cream drink is to die for!

Shojin - A vegan macrobiotic sushi restaurant in Little Tokyo. They make their sushi rolls with organic brown rice and you can  find gluten free tempura fried veggies on the menu. My favorite roll is the one with curry tempeh, roasted kabocha squash, avocado, cucumber and miso dressing.

Go get em Tiger - my favourite coffee place in Larchmont Village. Such a nice vibe and they have the best homemade macadamia/almond milk in town!


Guilty pleasure :

 - The raw sprouted granola from Living Intensions made with Acai, blueberries, coconut, sprouted buckwheat and sweetened with coconut palm crystals. - I can not stop myself from (ch)eating...

5 things I can’t live without:

- My mum. She's my best friend and most important woman in my life.

 - My Nike AirMax. The only thing I pretty much wear is sneakers. I walk almost everywhere so comfortable shoes is sooooo important to me. 

 - My phone (boring - but at least I'm honest!)

 - Coffee. I have to admit that I love coffee. Ok - I'm honestly a little addicted too.. I'm not the nicest before I've had my first cuppa joe. It should be black as the night too. Occasionally I do love a hemp milk cappuccino though! 

 - Coconut oil. I use it for literately everything. To moustorize my skin, to remove makeup, as a treatment for my hair, to do oil pulling, in my coffee (sometimes, for a fat burning boos and extra energyt!), tcook with or to make raw chocolate truffles. 



Photos by Roos van Rij :

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