Sascha Bunge. Part 2

'The Lovers & Drifters Club brings back Club Member Sascha Bunge...I think it's strangely beautiful, the way she looks at things. Like everything's made with magic. And because of that she became magic.'

Sascha is wearing our 'The Wildlings' Collection. Available online. And we have our Summer Sale: 

The Lovers & Drifters Club asked Sascha to write down her 10 favorite words and explain us why: 

Freedom - to me, Amsterdam is freedom. I’m so happy that we and I can cycle a lot in this beautiful city.
Butterfly - because I love to twirl around.
Home - because after a long travel it’s great to jump in your own bed.
Progress - I love the feeling that I’m going somewhere.
Cheeky - I don’t like to be so serious all the time ;-)
Bliss balls - they are so delicious, they’ve become my latest addiction.
Experimental - don’t ever tell me you don’t like something BEFORE you’ve tried it.
Bloom - my all time favorite song by The Paper Kites.
Petrichor - that perfect smell after rain.
Breeze - when it strokes you so lightly it gives you goosebumps.

Instagram Model Sascha Bunge:

Photography by Roos van Rij :


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