The Story of Alessia Marietti

'Meet the babest of babes.. Alessia Marietti photographed by talented creative Hayden O'Neill for The Lovers & Drifters Club.. She is a model, dancer, surfer, recently got into motor crossing.. She loves life.. even with the ups & downs.. There are certain things that drive her crazy, like the flaws in a person, music, life is for her just such an insane ride with so many things in between SHE LOVES THE INTENSITY OF LIVING... '


Profession: Model, Surfer, dancer but I'm also very interested in art and photography, also recently got into motor crossing….
My Life Is.. about living it to the fullest, being an adrenaline junkie and a super lover.
Currently listening to.. Led Zeppelin Since I’ve Been Loving You (Led Zep, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Allan Parsons and so many more are my all time favourites).
Love the smell of.. Lavender, Vanilla, Lemons, Roses.
What interests you.. There are certain things that drive me crazy, like the flaws in a person, music, life is just such an insane ride with so many things in between.. I LOVE THE INTENSITY OF LIVING.
Daily Bali routine.. Wake up either at 6 to go surf or around 7:30, surf, make breakfast usually consists of warm water with lemon first and then maybe eggs, bread, bacon or a smoothie bowl… Do some art/writing or keep myself busy with anything ..It could be photography or working on my upcoming website (stay tuned babies)! Just get creative and be out there..
Where in the world to next.. Anywhere really, I'm super keen on travelling to many places in a few years with a special someone but next stop is Byron Bay SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS.
I always bring my.. Shea butter body mist, carmex, film camera, glitter.
Favourite hangouts.. The beach, waterfalls, or chilling in a beautiful house/garden/cafe.
Guilty pleasures.. Mayonnaise, and Men… I'd say there's a few more but shhhh ooo... A guy who looks like Heath Ledger and Johnny Depp mixed together.. AHH and good surfers yeah just guys, mayo and music and great creative things. Rock and Roll I mean good music and the whole era from the 60’s-90’s and that whole fashion style.. ID say I’m more into the glitter velvet chokers hoop earrings, biker boots, vintage etc.
5 things I can't live without.. My journal, people around me to love me and love them back, film camera and film, Chanel no 5 perfume oh and MUSIC… ah there's a few things...
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