'This is Itziar' for The Lovers & Drifters Club

It all began with a romance and started with a love song..A bubble that burst into a butterly.. A treasure full of unexpected things.  This is Itziar, and people say she is a special...She is free in her wildness, mysterious and a spell binding girl. She belonged to no man and no city..She is moving every month and never really settles down. She takes her book and thinks of every place in the world she would go..This girl wants to see the world.. She is a wanderess.. A runner.. And a dreamer..

"Hielo" ( Ice Cream) is her favorite...In pink. It would take her to undiscovered land..In her dreams, she is free and escaping from everything..She breathes of  the city while she needs to feel the energy in her soul to give birth to a dancing star..

This girl is fierce..

Strong, and deliciously complicated..

She is a hurricane in a teacup.. A rebel soul.. A child of the wild ones.. She is a mess of gorgeous chaos and you can see this in her eyes..

A girl that has more fun when she doesn't have permission to do certain things..

The greater the love, the greater the chaos..It's a given and that's the secret. She was never ruled by a man..Love her but leave her wild..I guess after all she is a lover...and a drifter..

Welcome to the club.. 

Photos by Roos van Rij - Text by Stephanie Oonk

Itziar is wearing our 'Wildlings Collection'





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  • This girl is beautiful, she inspires me…Her wildness, freshness ??? perfect model!!

    Astrid on

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