The Streets Teuntje Bril

'Meet Teuntje, Miss beauty has the looks and the brains. Her ultimate goal is to break the stereotype that pretty girls can't be smart, or that smart girls should not care about their appearance. You can find her either stuck behind a computer or in the library. She's driven by her curiosity, her annoying habit to want to know everything. On the other side, she loves being outdoors, loves to travel and mostly loves to watch people. Between those it's important to find a balance'




Name: Teuntje Bril 

Profession: Student majoring in Artificial intelligence and in philosophy 

My life: is about getting to know myself. 

Currently.. listening to my all time favorite: shine on you crazy diamond - Pink Floyd.  The long version. 

Love the smell of... Thee french country side, grinded coffee and old books.  

What’s the first thing about a man that catches your attention? His aura. I'm interested as soon as there is something mysterious about him, something where you can't wrap your head around. 

What interests you? People, we are an interesting bunch. I love to sit down in a café or stand in a bar to just watch people. How they act, what they wear and trying to figure out what moves them. 

What was your ultimate happiness 10 years ago and today? 

Driving in the car with my family on our way to our house in France for the holidays. Or secretly even better, the way home. I still love to be on the road with good music on small roads, that gives me the ultimate feeling of freedom and happiness. And it is even better now that I can drive myself. 

I always bring my: curiosity

Favorite hangouts my kitchen table, which is perfect for dinner parties. 

Guilty pleasure Kate Moss, and Johnny Depp. In the 90's. 

5 things I can’t live without. My friends, being alone (knowing that I have those friends), my jewelry, coffee and sunshine. 


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