The Streets Danielle Cathari

Meet Danielle Cathari: Pssssst! This stunner is half Indonesian and has a super sweet personality. She studies Fashion & Design and is very curious for textiles and poetry. Her ultimate advice when living a stressy life is to meditate. Sporty, confident & sexy; this girl takes you to a playful tennis court right away in the city...

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Name: Danielle Cathari

Profession: Design student at AMFI

My life... is full of deadlines and super chill moments

Currently listening to... a Soulection radio show

Love the smell of... freshly baked bread, forest, vanilla and permanent markers

What’s the first thing about a man that catches your attention? His face and voice

What interests you? Lovely fabrics and textures, music, poetry, nature, astronomy and cooking

What was your ultimate happiness 10 years ago and today? Back then, the trips with my parents. Now, the days after deadlines, to not have to set an alarm for the morning and the sunny days spent with my friends

I always bring my… earphones, phone, notebook and sanitizer

Favorite hangouts... Friends' places, coffee places in Amsterdam, the beach

Guilty pleasure... Too much sweet potato chips

5 things I can’t live without… Love, sleep, music, food and my loved ones


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