Burn for you...

'Burn For You'. 

A meeting of 3 creative minds one Bali sunrise... this magical shoot came together between Lovers & Drifters Club X Christina 'Pet Snake' Dietze X Raskal (Crille Rask) in an hour on one long road leading towards Canggu.. Model & designer Christina Dietze is amping up her new label 'Pet Snake' in time for Burning Man 2015 & showcases some of her costumes styled with Lovers & Drifters iconic shag jackets.. Shots taken by Crille Rask (otherwise know as Raskal), total drifter & talented photographer hitting the Bali scene.. Art direction & Styling by Merinda Kate Jackson of Lovers & Drifters Club..





Model is: Christina Dietze from Chadwicks Australia
Photographer: Crille Rask
Styling &  Art Direction: Merinda Kate Jackson from Lovers & Drifters Club


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