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Meet Lauren Visser

This stunning girl (with THAT gap between her teeth) and lips to die for is Lauren. She works as a full time model for IMG and bounces around the globe... You may recognise Lauren from one of our first shoots... She's an original Lover & Drifter.. crazy sexy, edgy & beautiful, add some rock 'n roll.. Lauren is a total babe..

Lauren is wearing our new collection: 'The Wildlings' Available online:


Name: Lauren Visser

Profession: Model

Currently listening to: the new album of Unknown mortal orchestra is amazing, def. on repeat! And I recently saw the movie Walk the line again, so Johnny Cash took over my spotify account haha

Love the smell of ... freshly washed clothing and basil. I LOVE basil.

What's the first thing about a man that catches your attention? The first thing I notice about a guy is his attitude. I don't care much for looks, if I fancy his attitude, he could wear a top hat and I wouldn't even notice.

What interests you? The sky, and all of nature for that matter. In the weekends I always go to the woods with my sister and her dog. I love being surround by not what people made, but by what the world gave us.

What was your ultimate happiness 10 years ago and today? mhm... Thats a tricky question! I think spending time with my grandmother. I saw her almost every single day, and then she passed quite sudden. I treasure the moments I had with her. A tough cookie she was hehe My ultimate hapiness today is being able to travel wherever I want because of my job. I already saw so much of the world these last two years, but I'm def. not finished! My goal is to see the whole world eventually. Traveling is my ultimate hapiness.

I always bring my...  bag with me, I feel naked without it. My bag is usually filled with stuff I never use, I just throw random stuff in it to fill it up (it's kinda huge..) but I still bring it every where. You'll never know when you need an extra pair of shoelaces! To set an example...

Favorite hangouts? My best friends place. She lives in this amazing house in the center of Amsterdam with her boyfriend, and she's an amazing cook. So almost every night she has people coming over to have dinner. Everyone is welcome, as long as you bring a bottle of red wine!

Guilty pleasure: I think I'm not the only one in this, is chocolate. Never enough chocolate. The orange Tony Chocolonely especially.

5 things I can't live without: my perfume (Daisy by Marc Jacobs), my fat cat, Kitty friends & family, and last but not least, my bag filled with nonsense.


Photography: Stephanie Oonk @ Lovers & Drifters


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