The Streets Lois & Tom

Meet Lois & Tom; a super cute young couple full of humor and looks to match. They met on a casting for O'Neill and fell in love. Lois is currently living in the Elite Model Home to prepare her for full-time modeling in a big international city. While Tom is studying and modeling for Max Models. Their awkwardness makes them unique while the sparks are flying off the screen. Hold on...





Lois is wearing our new collection : 'The Wildlings' 



Names: Lois Schindeler & Tom Cornelisse 


Lois: I am a fulltime model at Elite Model Management.

Tom: I am a 21 year old student at Utrecht University and a model at Max Models Rotterdam. I also play football every weekend at Sparta-Enschede.

My life:

Lois:  My life is active, busy and no day is the same. From cozy nights on the couch with my boyfriend to late night workouts in the gym and from rides through the forest with my horse to long (but fun!!) shooting days. No day is the same and that makes it perfect for me, I get bored quick and I like to be challenged both physically and mentally.

Tom: My life is a fun but busy mix of studying, modeling and working. Then there is always some quality time with my friends,family and of course my girlfriend.

Currently listening to:

Lois: When I work out I like to listen to old school songs like Rude Boy – Rihanna and Suga Suga – Baby Bash combined with some songs from Flume. My ultimate chill songs are from Dotan, City and Colour & John Mayer.

Tom: Currently I’m listening to the new album of Drake. The type of music style usually depends on my mood. But I really like to listen to Bruno Mars, because of his energy and performances.

Love the smell of:

Lois: Bleu de Chanel, rain, the sea & forest, and good food.

Tom: Good food.

What’s the first thing about a woman/man that catches your attention?

Lois: His style and face. Of course besides that he has to have a lot of humor and some similar interests and ambitions.

Tom: The first thing that catches my attention is her clothing style and attitude. Then the face of course. I like a girl that looks and dresses nice, is really sweet and down to earth.

What interests you?

Lois: Traveling around the world, see beautiful and amazing places and meet great people. I love to be outside, especially with my horse and I’m super interested in a healthy lifestyle and psychology of the human brain. I also love to play the guitar and do some funky dances at nighttime.

Tom: I like to do nice things with my girlfriend and hang out with my friends. I also like to work out and play football these are two good ways to clear my head. Oh and you can always wake me up for a game of FIFA.

What was your ultimate happiness 10 years ago and today?

Lois: Well 10 years ago it was probably the wish to have my own horse, which I have now! That’s what still makes me extremely happy. But quality time with family, friends and the boyfriend are my most precious moments.

Tom: 10 years ago I was really into football, I still am but not that much as I used to. I think my ultimate happiness 10 years ago was when I was playing football, it didn’t matter where or when.

I always bring my:

Lois: Phone and headphones, I can’t travel or work out without music so those two are my golden duo.

Tom: First thing that I always bring is my phone + headphones. I am spending a lot of time in the train and when I forget my headphones the long trip is boring as ****

Favorite hangouts:

Lois: My bed, with boyfriend preferably haha! And a nice opposite of that; the gym, working out is like a therapy. Actually everywhere around my horse, family, friends & boyfriend is fine for me.

Tom: MY BED definitely! A good party with my friends is also a good place to hangout.

Guilty pleasure:

Lois: Tony Chocoloney Salted Caramel ohhhhhhh yes

Tom: Chocolate, I have my weak moments haha

5 things I can’t live without:

Lois: The opportunity to go outside in (rough) nature, love from all my loved ones, my horse, GOOD food and traveling.

Tom: Friends and family, my bed, good food, being able to play football and workout and last but not least : FIFA.


Photography by Stephanie Oonk (Lovers & Drifters Club)



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