Interview with Akila Berjaoui

Alkia Berjaoui's analogue photographs of nature, people, and the unexpected combined with lots of sexy girls makes her work so very interesting that we had to interview her.
She prefers to photograph with a Minolta x700's and her 5d, to get these beautiful effects. In the future she wants to make lots of photography books and live in Africa on a huge property with her family and wild animals. 

































































































































































































































What do you do in your daily life? I am a photographer.

First of all.. I fell in love with your photography when I googled you, but it also reminds me of Henrik Purienne's work, and I saw you were published in Mirage Magazine..Are you friends or do you collaborate a lot? We are friends, we don't really collaborate at all, except he did feature me in his magazine. I can't really see the closeness in our work except for our shared love of women and beaches.

Would you like to have your own magazine? I'd rather produce volumes of photography books. One day I'll start.

It's obvious you appreciate the female form, nature and humor. What exactly attracts you to photograph these elements? being a female myself.. I find it comes very naturally to me to shoot another woman, nature I love and crave, humor not sure I capture it so well but we definitely all have a laugh on set.

What is it you do in the weekends? It depends where I am, beach, galleries, parties, markets.

The moments you are lying in your bed..which thoughts come to you? That's between me and my husband!

What's your perception of yourself? I can't answer this.

Does fame impress you? Not one tiny bit. I find it rather vulgar, unless it's used as a tool to help the less fortunate.

Could you tell us a little bit about your style of photography and which camera's you use? a minolta x700 is my current fave and my 5d.

What do you look for when searching for your next project? Natural beauty and a different location to the last.

Can a man love two women at the same time? Stranger things have happened.

What's your perception of real love? When u cannot fathom life without that person.

If you could photograph anyone from history, who would it be? young Brigette Bardot.

What inspires you? so much; music, sunshine, beaches, nature, people, travel, art.

What's your future dream? to create books, so many photography books and to live in africa on a huge property with my family and wild animals.

Which place inspires you the most? Too many to list plus I find it is getting harder and harder to get that rush to last longer than 24 hours now. The downside to travelling so much .. If I had to pick just one place off the top of my head it would still be Italy.

Name 5 things you can't live without: Stefan, sun, the sea, nature & my Minolta



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