The Story of Carey Watkins

For the first time Lovers & Drifters headed our rugged homeland Australia to scout some extraordinary new places & faces.. and that's where we found this beautiful human.. Meet Carey Watkins, musician, model & actor.. Boy oh boy they know how to make em down under...

What do you do in your daily life & where would you like to see yourself in ten years time? I manage a cafe by day and play music by night. I know, the stereotype.Ten years I'd like to be playing music full time somewhere, hopefully with new people all the time


What inspires you? Music, travel and true lovers of life.


What place in the world inspires you the most? Rio De Janeiro. They really know how to live there.


Love the smell of... Vanilla


Are you a Lover or a Drifter? Lover


Does fame impress you? Fame for fames sake doesn't interest or impress me. You'll never get me pining for the life of a reality TV star. Fame to me is someone that has the charisma to hold a crowd throughout a performance, people like Freddie Mercury and Jim Morrison. Every eye was always on them and they were always on point.


Currently listening to? Lost in the Dream by War On Drugs


Can a man love two women at the same time? Maybe for a very small time, but I don't think if you felt true love for the first girl you'd ever fall for the second.


Whats the first thing about a girl that captures your attention? Eyes


Guilty pleasures? Lord of the Rings and chocolate milkshakes


Five things you can't live without? Loud music, Family, Friends, The ocean.....and milkshakes


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