The Story of Milou Neelen

The incredibly talented Milou Neelen is freelance illustrator/ graphic and print designer. She's worked as a full-time print designer at Scotch & Soda and illustrated for ELLE Magazine. She recently designed allover prints for the Lovers & Drifters Club, wall paintings at department store Anna + Nina and is currently designing graphics, patterns, and a whole lot more for lingerie label Lovestories...Read more about Milou Neelen below. 




What do you do in your daily life?
Since 2013 I'm working as a freelance illustrator/graphic and print designer. Before that I was working full-time as a print designer at Scotch & Soda next to illustrating for ELLE magazine. I have my own studio together with 4 other creatives in an old school for girls in the city center of Amsterdam.
Could you tell us a little bit about your creative work?
My 'oldest' client is ELLE magazine where I make illustrations to go with their articles, including the 2013 horoscope series. Keep an eye on the upcoming March issue where you can find my work throughout the issue! Next to ELLE I recently designed placement and allover prints for the Lovers and Drifters Club, wall paintings at department store Anna + Nina and currently I'm designing graphics, patterns, shopping bags and a lot more for Lovestories. Love it all!
The moments you are lying in your bed.. which thoughts come to you?
Most of the time...I'm thinking about new projects, let it already blend in my mind. And about my future plans... Far in the future. 
What's your perception of yourself?
I see dreams as possibilities, anything is possible, as long as you work hard and keep the right mindset.
Does fame impress you?
When I was young it did, I guess like any other person, but not anymore. 
What is your future dream?
Moving to Indonesia with my boyfriend, who was born there, whilst still doing the same work. Maybe also working together with international brands or companies. And selling my own work, but all of this with sunshine the whole year through.
Where do you find new inspiration for your graphic designs?
Anywhere and everywhere. I use Pinterest a lot to make mood boards for my ideas, dive into bookstores and museums, flip through magazines and fabrics, and then have a long shower; where I think through what the next graphic or illustration should look like.
Can a man love two women at the same time?
Haha, relationship-wise I hope not, but a man loving his girlfriend and daughter; yes, very possible :)
What's your perception of real love?
No doubts, no games, trust, understanding and just feeling… really good.
If you could meet anyone from the history, who would it be?
Picasso. I wouldn't mind having him as a teacher. He tried and used so many different expressions, super inspiring.
What inspires you?
People. One of my good friends is an amazing and super creative business woman. She doesn't see road-blocks, only opportunities. Any road-block is one to turn into an opportunity. Every time I have coffee with her I'm so inspired to just go out and do.
Which place inspires you the most?
It's not certain places... it's the moment in time that melt together any time or place. Super vague, I know :) I guess most of the time quiet places, like the shower. And I love being in the Palm House at the Hortus Botanicus. So beautiful, warm and quiet.
Name 5 things you can't live without : Family & friends, my dog Laika, sunshine, traveling, creating.
Photography: Roos van Rij @ The Lovers & Drifters Club 

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