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Meet Sara Nix; world traveler, model and bad ass film & video producer. Renowned photographer Jacob van Rozelaar exclusively shot Sara for the Lovers & Drifters club in Cape Town, S.A. rockin' her Dirty Hearts Shag vest. Check out the shoot and interview below..






Name: Sara Nix (28)
Profession: Film and video producer.
My life.. is very gezellig and probably too short.
Currently listening to: DAngelos' new album. 
Love the smell of... Spring and my parents Indonesian cooking.
What’s the first thing about a man that catches your attention? Attitude!
What interests you? To travel and - loads of fs - family, friends, food, films, festivals, freelancing, fun, fun, fun. 
What was your ultimate happiness 10 years ago and today? Feeling safe!
I always bring my... Wallet.
Favorite hangouts... Jordaan, backyards, Westerpark, Bar Breitner and more restaurants with a great terrace.
Guilty pleasure... To NOT feel guilty about fries with mayonnaise and bacon/cheese pancakes with syrup.
5 things I can’t live without... Music, hugs, daylight, toothbrush and gezelligheid



To see more of their work, follow the links below:


Website: (mother agency Sara)

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