Interview Frankie Mark

Who is Frankie Mark? Model, photographer and a woman with a story. Judging from her photography we thought we were dealing with a bad ass. Turns out she's exactly that...with a beautiful spirit and a kind heart to match. 





Summertime Blues from Frankie Mark on Vimeo.





What do you do in your daily life? Wake up, drink green tea, do my Yogananda affirmations, go the gym, e-mails, shoot or plan a shoot, edit, go to my work meetings, lovefest with the people I love, listen to loud music , dance alone, watch netflix, eat yummy things, probably go to sleep early (nerd).

I visited your website and instagram.. And got to know a model and photographer, you obviously appreciate the feminine form. What is it about women's bodies that attract you so much? More than a woman's body, it's their energy that I really love. Beautiful hearts that make their outer beauty. I love women who are kind, strong, feminine and like to dance, wild and free. And eventually their bodies are a bonus because it's just sexy.

And when did you decided to be behind and in front of the camera yourself? I started to shoot when I moved to L.A. and I had a broken thumb for a few months and couldn't work. My boyfriend at the time was very artistic and had instruments and cameras in the house. He played his fender and encouraged me to use his camera since I was always looking at photograph blogs online.

The moments you are lying in your bed..which thoughts come to you? Well if I'm alone I am thinking about the one who has my heart and how I wanna kiss them or debating on getting up to get cereal. 

What's your perception of yourself? I'm a work in progress. Everyday I work on being the best version of myself, some days it's easier than others. I believe life is a journey to self discovery and the more grounded you are with yourself the better kind of relationships you can have. 

Does fame impress you? Not at all. Shiny things don't last. The only opinion that truly matters is the one you have of yourself. Life is simple.

Could you tell me a little bit of your style of photography? I just shoot, don't really think about it so much. It's more spontaneous than technical. To me less is more. Having fun and enjoying the moment is what matters to me when I shoot. I'm not big into photoshop, don't support making people look super perfect or thinner. Think it's a bad example for the young ones as they think that's how people really look and strive for it. We all come in different shapes and sizes and that's beautiful. Your true self is more than enough and perfect.

What do you look for when searching for your next project? Fun. What's the point if you don't enjoy it, right?

Can a man love two women at the same time? He can love two women at the same time BUT can only be in love with one. The one he dreams about. The one his heart beats faster for..

What's your perception about real love? Real love is letting go, being selfless and genuinely loving and empowering that person to be whoever they choose to be. Loving them for who they are and reminding them how magical they are when they forget. Real love has to start with you first. You must be independent to be interdependent. 

If you could photograph anyone from history, which person would it be? Hmm, I can only pick one?...Audrey Hepburn, she's just brilliant in so many ways.

What inspires you? LOVE.

What's your future dream? I'm all about the present moment. But I've always dreamed of spoiling my parents and giving them the world if I could and also making the lives of children in extreme poverty a little better. I came as a child refugee to the U.S. with my family because of the war that was happening in my country, El Salvador. I knew then I was getting an opportunity for a better life and it has always been my main dream to be able to help kids that live in dangerous circumstances. 

Which place inspires you the most? New York City, may be a cliche but it's the place where I feel at home.

Name 5 things you can't live without: Love ( I'm going to count it as a thing) because damn I have a need to give and receive love and affection. Food, I'm a little beasty when I'm hungry. Rosebud lip balm, strawberry flavor. Toothbrush, cos who likes a bad breath? The two rings I wear on my left middle finger. 





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