Interview Jennifer Stenglein

Wow, je t'aime.....The lovers and drifters club interviewed talented photographer Jennifer Stenglein. We are so extremely fascinated by the beauty and purity she captures, that we wanted to know more about this woman and her dreamy creations... 



Tell us a little bit about Jennifer Stenglein the girl v Jennifer Stenglein the photographer?

Jennifer Stenglein the girls's a lover. Jennifer Stenglein the photographer's a drifter

Are you influenced in your photographic style by any other photographers past or present?

Absolutely only I'm more inspired than influenced. By Cass Bird, Ryan McGinley, Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel and Peter Lindbergh.

I find its the people I meet, and places I travel that influence the evolution of my style the finest.

You love the feminine form & often your photographs display an element of nudity, how do you make your subjects feel at ease with you..

Ha, I just ask them to get naked. And they laugh. And then they get naked. And Its gorgeous. Getting people naked is a beautiful way of connecting with their raw spirit. I think that's why I love naked so much. There's nothing to hide behind.

Who would you most like to photograph.. man & woman?

My dreams are full of the everyday girl, the fisherman down the street. The images that dance in my mind more often than not are the spontaneous ones when I meet someone who has a glint in there eye..

Does fame impress you?

Fame not so much. Talent totally. 

What is your favourite camera and why?

Canon 5D mark 3 with a 50mm 1.2 lens. Its unobtrusive and always takes a beautiful portrait

What place in the world inspires you most?

I like extreme places, Tropical islands, big cities, the desert. 

What does the element of freedom mean to you.. 

freedom is a mindset.. 

I'm working on it.

Favourite scent & what does it remind you of?

The Ocean. Reminds me of home

Favourite sound & what does it remind you of?

Whistling. Reminds me of summertime

What made you happy 10 years ago & what makes you happy today?

The same things actually. The same people. I find great happiness in other peoples joy. 

Do you still call Australia home? Are you tempted to make a move overseas? 

Australia will always be home. Its a magical land. I plan on living all over the world. Twice. And having lavish apartments in Australia and the South of France, oh and California, actually Paris too...

Five things you cant live without?

Curiosity, a camera, red wine, dave & my family





text: Merinda Jackson 

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