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"You’ve probably seen quite a few of our Tongan adventure images floating around cyber space over the past month. A couple have even gone viral on Instagram (like this one above).  Lauren has written some pretty awesome articles which have been featured on Summer Site and Billabong Women’s all about Tonga, whales and our travels and Chrystal filmed and edited a couple of cool clips to round out the creative collaboration between the three of us which can be seen on both sites too.

A little behind the scenes info about the trip: We had a shot list that was a mile long with different requirements from all of our sponsors which meant we did a lot of shooting.  Like A LOT of shooting.  For 8 days our daily routine went something like this:

Wake up to the sun poking through the shutters of our fale, get up grab camera, grab products, head out to shoot while the light was good.  Eat delicious breaky, play with puppies, head out to shoot, whales/underwater wonderlands/lifestyle travel/product shots/surf etc. Drink coconut, stop for lunch, drink coconut, play with puppies.  Shoot late arvo sun, travel/product/surf/lifestyle, drink another coconut, eat delicious dinner.  Download and backup cards, start to edit if head could hold itself up without help.  Fall asleep to whales breathing right off the island.  Repeat.

Image of Lauren in Surf Capsule swimming with whales: TICK, Surfing uncrowded Tongan reef breaks: TICK, fashion/lifestyle/ travel shots: TICK, TICK & TICK. And the list when on…

We almost didn’t get a lot of the “must shoot” shots due to weather/timing but on every occasion at the very last moment, the universe delivered.  And we couldn’t of been more thankful.

I thought it high time that you see some of my favourite images from the trip. Some you may of seen and some you may of not. It was pretty hard to get it down to this amount and sorry if there are still quite a lot of images but we shot thousands and these are just SOME of my faves of the bunch.

We must say a massive thank you to Mark & Veronica from Treasure Island Resort, Eueiki Island, Vava’u Tonga for the amazing experience of staying on their island. It was just the most magical 5 days and if anyone is thinking of heading over, you must stay. It’s absolute paradise. are having a little deal on packages to Treasure Island right now so you need to click on over there and check it out. There may even be a competition running in the next little while.

Again a massive thank you to our Sponsors, Summer Site, Billabong Women’s & Conner Hats for making this trip possible.

And last but not least thank you to the best lady adventure travel buddies one could ever ask for, Lauren L. Hill & Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald. Can’t wait for the next trip.

Lauren Hill

Chrystal Fitzgerald

Summer Site

Billabong Women’s

Conner Hats

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We love it X The Lovers and Driftersclub. 


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