Olivia Lonsdale

From the moment we were introduced to Olivia we were in love... A beautiful girl, young, playful and a true drifter. We were so curious about her and we invited her to meet us last Sunday at the botanical gardens in Amsterdam...

Olivia Lonsdale working our Full Moon Shag Jacket in perfect style.. More from this incredible new face on the blog...




Name: Olivia Tsuki Lonsdale (My dad lived in Japan and his favorite word was Tsuki, which means Moon in Japanese. And Lonsdale is because my dad is British)

Profession: bacon & eggs maker in Amsterdam

My life is.. Weird and wonderful.

Currently listening to: Reverberation, a website that throws on a mix of songs once in a while.

Love the smell of.. Old books, bacon, fresh mowed grass and the smell of the rain on the road after a hot day when I'm cycling through Amsterdam.

What’s the first thing about a man that catches your attention? His sense of humor.

What interests you? Theatre, music, good food, people, art, dancing, singing, making things, having a huge amount of fun, the world outside my own, discovering things, good movies, nature and traveling.

What was your ultimate happiness 10 years ago and today? Dancing in front of the mirror with my best friends and jumping off rocks into the sea with my brother, mum and dad. Still is.

I always bring my.. Chocolate.

Favourite hangout: musea, hortus, the beach.

Guilty pleasure: Taking pictures of random people when they're sleeping.

5 things I can’t live without: The sun, laughing, my friends & family, the sea.

Photography: Roos van Rij @ The Lovers & Drifters Club.

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