Claire Granlund

Wait, What? Claudia Schiffer? No, it's our talented Dutch model Claire Granlund. Besides the fact that Claire is a top model, she is also super creative and an emerging female DJ. Read and see more about Claire on our blog. 




Name: Claire Granlund
Profession: DJ / Model @ Ulla Models
My life is.. Colorful and Inspirational
Describe your style: I am a mood dresser
Currently listening to: from Andrew Weatherall, Scuba, Nina Kraviz, Nicole
Moudaber, Lake Haze, to The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Vagary, Tears and Marble
Love the smell of.. the sea and the forest at my family’s appartment in Helsinki, Finland.
There you really know what clean air feels and smells like.
What’s the first thing about a man that catches your attention? The eyes and hair.
What interests you? At the moment I’m really focused on music, but also on styling.
So pretty soon you might hear about some other projects of mine. 
What was your ultimate happiness 10 years ago and today?
10 years ago I was creating my own mixtapes on cassette tapes and cd's. Now it’s producing
music, playing live sets and releasing mixtapes.
I always bring my.. Keys, iPhone, USBs, Headphones, Dior Foundation, Chanel
Favourite hangout: I really like Kriterion; it’s a great place to hang out and have a
chat or see a film and they have really cheap Gin & Tonics. The lunchroom
Wilhelmina is really cute and cozy and they have great food. And of course studio
Oostblok in Amsterdam, where I have a big part of my vinyl collection.
All time favourite thing to do: Dancing, meeting new people, hanging out with
friends, introducing people to each other, traveling, clubbing, visiting museums and
going to the movies.
Guilty pleasure: My love for panda’s. I had a stuffed panda, which I got from my
Finnish grandpa when I was born.
I always used it as a pillow and brought it even with me when I was traveling for
work. Except when I went to the States. But when I was in LA I ran into a panda
travel pillow in Little Tokyo and this one ever since replaced my stuffed animal.
5 things I can’t live without: Music, My boyfriend, Family, Friends, Sex.


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 Photography: Roos van Rij @ The Lovers & Drifters Club.

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