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We love meeting & working with rising talent at The Lovers & Drifters Club & we're so proud of this gorgeous girl, 18 year old Gabi Mulder, photographer & editor of blogspot You can follow Gabi & friends along their adventures & everyday coastal life in and around spectacular Byron Bay.. This is our first collaborative shoot in my ruggedly beautiful country.. The Lovers & Drifters Club is coming home.... 




 Oak & Bone :  & instagram :

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  • Thanks for stopping by Kristin! I’ve only been in bgolland for about 2 months but having fun learning as I go! I’ll be sure to ask you, if I have any questions although, I’m too new at this point, I don’t want to be a pain :) I unfortunately wasn’t able to head back to my homeland but one day (just too expensive at the moment). Hope you’ll be able to visit it and New Zealand! I can attest to the fact that they’re both beautiful countries to see! Hope your husband is improving and that your weekend will be a good one!

    Piotr on

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