Maartje Faber

Meet the adorable, ice blue eyed Maartje Faber, one of our newest Lovers & Drifters & one of the prettiest young things we've ever seen... We invited Maartje to the studio after she won our Nevermind Shag Jacket competition earlier in the year & we couldn't get this creative little bubble with her striking face out of our minds.. 





Name: Maartje Faber

Profession: Student
My life is.
... A dream Ticket, with great adventures to many different places around the world.. That one day I will see for real.  
Describe your style:  
denim/ small details/ necklaces/  fluffy coat/ glitter tops/ cowboy boots ... And a smile! 
Currently listening to: 
House music and a lot of love songs 
Love the smell of.. 
…Fresh bread in the morning, and the smell of rain 
What’s the first thing about a boy that catches your attention?
I fall for boys that laugh often, and have a sincere personality
What interests you? 
The good news :)
What was your ultimate happiness 10 years ago and today? 10 years ago I was busy being a child, building tree houses and playing in the garden. At the moment everything is more serious, but nothing else can make me happier than be with the people i love, a cup of coffee in the morning, and the first warm sunbeam after a very cold winter. 
I always bring my.. 
My phone, and a small notebook with some little drawings 
Favourite hangout:
Going to cute café's, special places with handmade things, long summer nights at the beach with good music and a bonfire. 
All time favourite thing to do:  
listen to music, searching and reading certain art books, and to create something new.
Guilty pleasure: 
I don't have any ;-)
5 things I can’t live without: 
coffee, my family & friends, art, the sun and ocean.  


Photography: Roos van Rij @ The Lovers & Drifters Club.

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  • She’s my cousin and i am very proud of her

    Danique Posthumus on
  • Here’s you’re proud aunty! Nice pictures!

    Netty on

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