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Interview with Henrik Purienne

We are so pleased at the Lovers & Drifters Club to have the pleasure of interviewing one of the most influential photographers of our time.. Henrik Purienne.. His photographs encapsulate the raw, natural beauty of women we so admire.. he captures in a moment a look of pure sex in an innocent form.. this man is all class & a super talent that lands him beyond the realms of the mere masses.. Meet Henrik Purienne.. 


Interview Henrik Purienne 
What do you do in your daily life?
I’m just a guy who likes to take pictures, make films and books.

 I know your beautiful photography, you obviously appreciate the feminine form. What is it about women's bodies that attract you so much?
 I like to think of attraction as something mysterious.

And your other focus is architecture, why?
I love the way a space can make me feel. Like nothing else in the world.

The moments you are lying in your bed.. which thoughts come up too you?
I just skip all those silly thoughts and jump straight into the land of dreams.

What's your perception of yourself?
This is a trick question right?

Does fame impress you?
Fame is lame yo.
Do you know how messy it is to eat a breakfast burrito at The Oaks?
Not cool for paparazzi vibes.

Your magazine is called Mirage magazine, can you tell us a little about it?
It’s a scrapbook for my more superficial interests such as girls, cars, design and architecture.
I think Liv Siddal pretty much nailed it: .

What do you look for when searching for your next model?
An iconic quality. A sense of adventure. Trouble.

It must feel good to get any beautiful girl in front of your camera?
I don’t really have feelings.

Can a man love two women at the same time?
Yes. As long as one of them is his mother.

What's your perception about real love?
When it feels most unreal, it is most real.

If you could photograph anyone from the history, which woman would it be?
Unknown runaway teens.

What inspires you?
The moments between stuff. 

What's your future dream?
To disappear completely.

Which place inspires you the most?
I’m always pretty much stuck in my own head..

Name 5 things you can't live without :
Pen. Paper. Music. Film. Love.

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  • Wow. How did you get in contact with this guy? He inspires me!

    zac on

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