Marc Madeleyn


Name: Marc Madeleyn

Profession: Professional Model at Republic

My life is: Eclectic, adventurous and very varied

Describe your style: Not too mainstream, I’m a sucker for classics but I like to combine just about anything: From snakeskin cowboy boots to camo sneakers. So I would say eclectic, again. I’m not really the statement kind of person. Some people only wear black for example, I like to to adjust my style to any kind of occasion.

Currently listening to: So many different things.. Haven’t been to any festivals this summer so not really up to date at the moment. Love that new song from Eminem, a new one from Queens, Fleetwood Mac.. and ofcourse The Rolling Stones, and the Beatles.

Love the smell of.. Jasmin. And Bergamot

Girl with our with or without tatts? I love all women, especially the ones with curly hair

What’s the first thing about a girl that grabs your attention? I’m a sucker for a pretty face

Guilty Pleasure: Video games. Modern Warfare 2, online

Would love to share a tent in middle of nowhere with.. Charlize Theron (she’s actually out since she’s with Sean Penn), so I'll go for Poppy Delevigne

5 Things I can't live without:
- Friends
- My kids
- Making progress, and new impulses 
- Art, any kind
- Good food (especially lobster)



Marc Madeleyn is wearing our Lovers & Drifters Club - Man Shag

Photos by: Roos van Rij - Text by: Iman Whitfield

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