Pim Derks





Name: Pim Derks

Profession: DJ (Hitmeister Pim), actor, model and sometimes I organise parties.

My life is.. .like a jetlag. DJ gigs on the weekends, and currently on set for a TV series during the week (among other things).

Describe your style: Rock-chic? Yes, Rock-chic

Currently listening to: 'Canned Heat - Going up to the Country '

Love the smell of.. Garlic

Girls with or without tatts? Just girls general

What’s the first thing about a girl that grabs your attention? For me, an authentic girl is always an attention grabber

I always bring my.. Necklace and my grandpa’s watch 

Favourite hangout: The bar with no name in the Wolvenstraat; is the place where we meet. And my houseboat of course! 

All time fave thing to do: Having fun in any kind of way, talking and dancing

Guilty pleasure: Ultimate Kaos - Casanova

Would love to share a tent in the middle of nowhere with.. with Iman ;)

5 things I can’t live without: Lost all of my stuff a couple of times in my life, so not really attached to 'things' anymore.. 

- Family
- Friends
- Flirting
- Anything sweet - a sucker for desserts
- Love


Pim Derks is wearing the Lovers & Drifters Club - Man Shag

Photo by: Roos van Rij - Text by: Iman Whitfield

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