The Story of Florian

One rainy afternoon we met the astonishing Florian at her Amsterdam hangout for a cup of tea and a cigarette. With her long blond angelic hair, dreamy blue eyes and a style to kill for.. this softly spoken, sweet, creative, globetrotting superbabe is definitely one to keep your eye on! Here’s the story of Florian van Zuilen..

What I do..

Mainly my Textile Design study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). I assist at some magazine/editorial stylings jobs on the side. And of course, Flore Flore.. What started as a jewelry brand, but for now I’m just maintaining the florefloreamsterdam instagram account, what will evolve into something cool in the near future. 

Future dream:

Starting my own label. I would love to live in Scandinavia; in either Kopenhagen or Stockholm. And Paris. In love with the Parisian atmosphere and their je ne sais quoi way of life.

I’ve also lived in NYC for a while, during my internship at DVF. It’s big and chaotic and one crazy adventure. I do believe living in different places in the world keeps you inspired and fresh.


My life is.. in a rush. Chaotic, adventurous and full of love.

How would you describe your own style?

It differs from a tough tom-boyish look with lots of leather - to a girly French and Scandinavian minimalistic inspired look.

Favourite brands:

RIKA, without a doubt. It’s like a little bit of everything: super girly with a rock & roll edge. I love how she created this whole dreamworld around it. From a magazine to a design bedroom here in Amsterdam (Maison Rika). This brand really inspires me the most if it comes down to starting my own.. 




Who do you have an style-crush on?

So many! Don’t even know where to start.. Actually all the girls I share on the florefloreamsterdam instagram. Like Magdalena Frachowiak and Alexandra Spencer (4thandbleecker). It’s not just their pretty clothing, mainly this pure, bare beauty and sparkling personality they all have in common.


If you would set a crazy new trend, what would it be?

Polka dots.



What's your morning ritual?

Mmm breakfast.. something I can really look forward to that the night before. It always contains my delicious Chia Pudding (chia seeds mixed with coconut rice milk + a whole lotta healthy seeds + kiwi) and a double espresso.



Tell us about a typical day in your life

I’ve been working on my AMFI Textile Design collection-book 24/7 for the last half a year. Celebrating my succesfully finished project in USA as we speak. Doing a West-coast roadtrip with my boyfriend (you can check it out on instagram)

What's your favourite midnight munchie?

Dried mango from EkoPlaza. I can eat these things all day. I must admit it’s the only thing I touch, next to cigarettes, during working on my school-assignments. sometimes I even finish 3 bags of dried mango a day (!!)




What music do you currently listen to?

A lot of Sam Smith at the moment. During designing I listen to my secret yoga playlist.


Who would you love to share a tent with in the middle of nowhere under the stars?

All my best babes.





How do you think your friends would describe you?

Pretty contrasting I guess.. As introverted versus really outspoken and rebellious.


What's your all time favourite thing to do?

Travelling. Going to NYC. There hasn’t been I year that I haven’t done a concrete jungle-touch down. I really feel the urge to go back to this place pretty soon again..


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I think the craziest is yet to come.. But of course all the endless New York City nights. The hungover moments at the weirdest and most beautiful locations I can hardly describe. Like this one time my friend and I and some random LA crowd we met, turned the loft of the Dream hotel into a big ass house party.. from that moment on it only got crazier and crazier..





Favourite season?

Autumn. Not too warm, not too cold. So you can wear and combine just about anything.
It’s the season that gives you the most options, styling-wise.



If you could re-name yourself with a fantasy rockstar name, what would it be?

Flore Flore is my alter ego.


What 5 things can't you live without?

- My boyfriend + all my friends I love so so much
- The opportunity to jump in a plane, anytime I like
- Creating. The creative world is my biggest inspiration and passion
- Dried mango
- This ring and necklace I got for my 21st birthday this year

Oh and number 6: A little vintage make-up box I got from my grandma. It has her initials it in and I always bring it with me.


(Don't forget to check her out on instagram: Florianfch)

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