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Name : Laura vd Graaff 

Profession: I just got my master's degree in Art history. So I can now officially call myself master of the Arts! And I work at a beautiful small jewelry store where we buy and sell antique jewelry. I love it so much that I have decided to become a goldsmith myself. ( and part-time, illustrator if possible)

My life is.. Hectic and at a turning point right now, but I find it to be of a good quality, rather carefree and filled with people I love. I feel privileged. 

Describe your style: At work I have- and love- to dress up, with high heels and red lipstick as the basic ingredients. Actually I also like to wear loafers. I often add black, skinnies, but I vary with two- pieces and jumpsuits. I wear a lot of black so that the jewelry can get all the attention. So easy to make your outfit look good when you top it off with a pair of blood coral earrings or a gold choker. 

But just as much I like to look chic at work, I love to put a little edge to it when I'm off. I think you could say my outfits tend to be a little dramatic. Sometimes - when I go out I like to mix materials like leather, sequins & animal prints, or I wear colors ton sur ton. Whenever my friends are invited to a theme party they call me to borrow the clothes I wear on a regular friday night. And I always wear a lot of rings and earrings - not the ones from work obviously, but silver rings and tiny hoops, and a nose ring. 

I get inspired by : A lot of things really. The 80's. Lately the 90's as well. Rihanna! The man repeller. My niece Claudia. My friend Babette. Movies & Magazines. My american grandmother who wears beaded minnetonka moccasins at the age of 86. 

I always bring my.. Wish I could think of something else but I'd have to say my Iphone. 

Favourite hangout: I have many : my grandparent's kitchen, especially when my grandfather is cooking ( he is from Indonesia), The canals of Amsterdam. Haute Nendaz in Switzerland. And the beach.. any beach.

All time fav thing to do: Well I really love to talk.. But I also like drawing and sketching and cooking and working on my make-up skills. 

Quilty pleasure: 

Chocolate, baklava and soapseries.

With who would you love to share a tent with in the middle of nowhere?

Leo Di Caprio in his younger ( Romeo & Juliet) years.

5 things I can't live without:


- friends





 Photography: Roos van Rij @ The Lovers & Drifters Club.

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