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Name : Xiomara 
Profession: make-up artist, perfomer @amazingagency, singer, fun things. 
My life is.. A cat
Describe your style: Lot of earth tones. References to rap culture and India.
I get inspired by : Textures, tree, gold, silver, rap music.
Love the smell of.. Fresh salty skin.
I always bring my.. Phone? Keys? Regular things. 
Favourite hangout: Anna Dijkman's bed.
All time favourite thing to do: anything involving music.
Quilty pleasure: reading horoscopes, typing up things.
Would love to share a tent in the middle of nowhere with.. D'Angelo.
5 things I can't live without :
- my cat, poezie
- summertime
- Sambal Badjak
- Isa Hinloopen, cos she does my hair so nice 'n pretty
- physical contact!
















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