The Story Of Eddie Mitsou

Wednesday, April 06 2016 By: Roos van Rij

“If you’re not living on the edge you can’t see the view”


Meet LA lady love Eddie Mitsou. A scandinavian secret, a mystic landscape. Being originally from Sweden, she’s one with nature, both in lifestyle and in beauty. She’s wild, free and a little reckless. And she lives on the edge… of the unknown. She’s a born worldplayer and her contagious enthousiasm makes you play along.


She’s your sin, your soul, your smile… Your little bit of feel good


We met her in the place she feels most at the wild nature on the walk of life…

Eddie is wearing our SS/2016 'FAKE CLUB' Collection. Available here:

Owner & designs by Merinda Kate Jackson:

Photography & graphic design by Roos van Rij:

Model Eddie Mitsou:

Text by Babette De Bouver: